This History of Israel

Now more than ever it is important for us to focus on Israel as for almost 3000 years the land of Israel has been both the heart and soul of the Jewish people around the world. Israel is the homeland for many of Chinese translation the world’s most ancient traditions cultures and values. Israel is so important to the world as a whole and has so much rich history to offer all of us from the kingdom of David and Solomon to the air of Roman and Ottoman rule is important for us all to focus on Israel. Israel holds so many rich traditions and its people are the link to so much of humanity’s history the Jewish state of Israel should be supported not only for the Jewish people but for all of humanity as this holy land has so much history behind it.

After immense hard work and dedication is real became officially the Jewish state of Israel in 1948 based on the tenants of Zionism the Jewish people once again finally controlled their own destiny having a place to call their own homeland which is the great sovereign state of Israel placed on the ancient land of their forefathers. Ever sense Israel’s reestablishment is real not only has been a homeland for culture and religion at the state of Israel continually serves as a refuge for destitute Jewish people from all over the world is real is a country built on principles of freedom and democracy and Israel is dedicated to fulfilling political historical imperatives from now and well into the future.

If you are in a United States citizen or live in the United States regardless of the fact of whether or not you are Jewish is important that you support the State of Israel as Israel is an incredible strategic partner of the United States. For many decades Israel has been an ally to the United States of America and vice versa as both the state of Israel and the United States of America have a shared deep strategic relationship with common goals of confronting the common threats to both the United States and Israel as well as the rest of the free world. As many people are aware during the cold war is real played a role of critical importance in collaborating with the United States in limiting Soviet influence in the region preventing a possible Soviet powerhouse that could have threatened the overall stability of the entire globe. Without Israel’s participation there is no telling what the final resolution if any would have been to the cold war and where freedom throughout the world would live today.

In the post-9/11 world is extremely important for United States citizens to continue their support of Israel as Israel remains the US’s most reliable, productive and supportive ally in the Middle East with the common goal of defeating terrorism and stabilizing radical threats to freedoms and free people throughout the world.

Israel is an incredible strategic asset to the United States and US citizens should support Israel in any way we can in order to foster this relationship and protect not only the freedoms of the people in Israel but the freedoms of the citizens here at home in the United States of America. Israel and the United States have had an unparalleled military alliance with each other for many years and it is this military alliance that helps us wage war on terrorism and defend not only ourselves but those countries that are unable to defend themselves and their people against the attacks of terrorists and extremists throughout the globe.

It is the principles that define our unparalleled military alliance that has made both the state of Israel and the United States of America shrunk or in the arenas of self defense and intelligence with the key principles that are the foundation of our defense partnership and the cornerstone to our military relationship with the state of Israel. Our relationship spans the gamut with everything from phone calls between senior defense officials at the Pentagon and their town or parts in Tel Aviv Israel and instinct communication between both Israeli and American armed forces in areas like joint training and counterintelligence is the training between troops from the United States and Israel that goes without much of the glory it deserves. Israel plays a critical role in helping America stay safe and in many different occasions is intelligence that we either received directly from Israel or training that helped us achieve this intelligence that is help the United States of America intercept threats before they occur in our homeland and key our people safe.

On an ongoing basis the state of Israel supports the United States of America with high-level strategic meetings and military quad operation between the state of Israel and the US in 1983 a formal whopper to of relationship was established and since the early 80s both the United States of America and the State of Israel have created a number of high-level whopper to missions groups and collectives which meet regularly to discuss and of value weight shared threats to both the United States and Israel and work together to develop joint solutions and answers to these threats some of these groups that have been established since the early 1980s included the joint political military group, the United States is rarely strategic dialogue group and most recently being established in June of 2010 the US Israeli Defense policy advisory group which met in Tel Aviv where both the United States and Israel discuss mutual threats including Iran and terrorism.

Many people do not realize that it is this cooperation, communication and shared beliefs that keep not only Israel but the United States safe from places like Iran and smaller terrorist factions that are spread throughout the globe. It is this intelligence sharing between the state of Israel the United States in of America that provides some of the most significant contributions to safety of freedom all over the globe is really United States have been sharing intelligence and intense daily cooperation together which goes virtually unnoticed on the public part is helping us conduct our efforts for freedom in a way that is far from the public eye with many of the defenders of freedom never getting the credit that they deserve and keeping our people safe. It is the sacrifice that these Israel he is make to keep us safe that has earned them the right for our support and all Americans should pledge a commitment to the state of Israel for their part in preventing terrorist attacks here in the United States as well as on free people throughout the globe. The US military and other intelligence agencies throughout the world we live on Israel and Israeli intelligence for the critical data including information about terrorism radical Islamic movements and spread of undocumented weapons throughout the United States.

But the connection between Israel and the United States of America does not stop at the quad operation of military intelligence and counterterrorism there is also strong connections in many other arenas and the relationship is very strong in the area of medical whopper he and between the United States of America and Israel. On an ongoing basis both Israeli and United States military doctors consistently worked together to improve medical technology and life saving techniques through a series of high-level meetings, communications and water to the training exercises is this joint training and key educational exchanges that helps not only our military but are civilian medical systems stay at the highest level of trauma treatment triage and overall medical care. Many people do not realize that US medical delegations in convoys regularly visit Israel’s military medical school and the Israeli IDF Hospital which are both world renowned for their advancements in triage and medical care. It is the information that our personnel were on these visits to that has helped us save the lives of countless servicemen throughout the United States and in other free worlds is real is the top nation in the art of training for responding to mass casualties and biological warfare Israel has a great deal of information to teach the United States regarding complicated battlefield injuries and posttraumatic mental health issues. With so many of our servicemen and service when men being wounded in our current campaigns in both Iraq and Afghanistan is this alliance with Israel that will help us better treat our wounded vets today and long-term throughout the future.

Israel also plays a critical role in helping key United States safe through the Israeli US missile defense systems. For many years missile defense has been the centerpiece of the Israeli and United States strategic military cooperation and initiatives. With both the United States and Israel increasingly under credible threats from both short-range and long-range ballistic missiles have worked together to develop joint sophisticated missile defense systems that serve to protect both nations on a consistent an ongoing basis. Israel serves as a testing ground for many of the United States technologies and without the help of Israel and testing our own missile defense systems we would have no way of knowing the effectiveness of these defense systems and kill God for bid one day we would have to use them ourselves. It is the technology and advancements learned from the missile defense systems that protect Israeli civilians and citizens that help protect the United States citizens as well as United States combat troops.

Every year there are a series of military exchanges that help improve the security of the United States of America where Israeli troops from just about every branch of the Israeli military help our troops learn more as we do the same for them a two-year units from every branch of the United States Armed Forces visit Israel for extreme and in-depth training this training includes educating our combat troops about understanding the terrorist mindset and utilizing Israeli air ranges for our training exercises. Is this training that goes on yearly in Israel that provides an invaluable opportunity for American forces and departments like the Central intelligence agency to help keep us safe here at home. As we improve our homeland security is the lessons learned from Israel that will help us counter to your is a from every single angle.

It is military powerhouses like West Point here in the United States and is real’s national Defense College to help train hundreds and thousands of soldiers to keep not only the United States and Israel safe but pass on that knowledge to other freedom loving countries so that not only the US and Israel but everyone in the free world can help protect themselves from terrorism is these training institutions that help our service personnel and agencies receive advanced training in a variety of specialized areas including counterterrorism and threat detection.

It is some of our joint exercises between the state of Israel and the United States that help keep us our sharpest and our best in defending the United States of America every year in the United States and Israel have branches of all levels of the service from both countries attended and hold numerous training exercises in both the United States and Israel to learn from one another to improve how they work and how they defend their countries is bad experience from the collective joint military exercises that allows us to training in both diverse geographical locations and climates and glean each other’s knowledge to provide an opportunity to develop more joint military solutions to a variety of potential scenarios.
Israeli technology has also helped to keep are civilian airliners safe as the state of Israel is the top state and being able to detect airborne terrorism and hostage situations before they occur. For now Israel needs for an eight to survive and thrive in order to help the United States of America stay safe for in a and a little more than 1% of the federal budget is both essential and cost effective for promoting American interests abroad and ensuring that our freedoms stay safe not only domestically but as our citizens travel abroad it is this foreign aid to Israel that oftentimes helps keep American citizens safe as they travel in the region and Israel becomes a safe haven for United States citizens who oftentimes become trapped in hostile hot zones throughout the Middle East. Foreign aid is especially important in the Middle East and our aid to Israel has long been a cornerstone of our United States foreign-policy as a two Israel is an extremely cost-effective way of serving America’s national security interests in the all important and critically to finance the Middle Eastern region. US support of Israel must continue and the small percentage that we give to foreign aid is some of the best money the United States can spend in ensuring our way of life continues for many years to come the United States plays a critical role in helping Israel maintain its military superiority that is a key to the defense of the free world as Israel is our only strong ally in that region with such a powerful military without the support of the Israeli military there could come a time where there is a tipping point in it would be impossible to control some of the radical factions that arise from the Middle East.

Let’s quickly explore some additional reasons why the United States should support Israel and the Jewish People’s right to maintain Israel as their land. Israel has a right to the land they are on because of archaeological evidence every time there is an archaeological dig or expedition in Israel it does nothing but support the fact that Israelis had a presence there for 3000 years the point is found in ancient Israel the cities of ancient Israel the pottery found the culture there is no mistaking the fact that Israelis have been present in that land for over 3000 years. The ancient Palestine’s are extinct many other ancient people are also extinct they do not have the unbroken line to this date that the Israelis have even today’s Egyptians are not racial Egyptians of 3000 years ago he Egyptians of today are primarily Arab people the land is called Egypt but the inhabitants are more of a melting pot and they are not the same racial and asked that stock as the old Egyptians of the ancient Egyptian world the first Israel he is are in fact descended from the original Israelites and the lying of Israelis today can be traced to record he to the first Israelis and the original Israelites.
Israelis also have a distorted right to the land of Israel history supports the fact that Israel’s right to the land is justified we can verify that there had been an Israel up until the time of the Roman empire it was at the time of the Roman Empire that the Romans conquered the land all the Jews were allowed to live in Israel they were driven from the land into dispersions the first dispersion that drove Israelites from the land was in 70 AD and the second dispersion driving Israelites from their homeland was in 135 AD but there was always Jewish presence in the land of Israel then came the Turks the Turks took over about 700 years ago and ruled up until about World War I when the land Israel sits on was conquered by the British the British government and British royalty felt grateful and in debt to a Jewish chemist named Weizmann who was the first to discover a way to manufacture nitroglycerin for materials that existed within England and to Jewish bankers who helped finance the war the British government because of this promise to give Jewish people a homeland this is all part of history and is well documented and can be verified. The homeland that the British government decided to set aside for the Israelites consisted of all of what is now known as Israel and all of what is now known as Jordan the whole thing not to different countries but that entire area was to be set aside for the Israelites there was absolutely not a huge error population in the land at the time and there is a reason for that the land was not able to sustain a large population of people it had none of the development you need to handle large masses of people and the land was basically abandoned and not wanted by anybody it was for all intensive purposes considered worthless land here is a way that Samuel Clemens also known as Mark Twain described Israel when he was given a tour of Palestine in 1867 “a desolate country whose soil is rich enough but is given over wholly to weeds. A silent mournful expanse. We never saw a human being on the whole route. There was hardly a tree or a shrub anywhere. Even the olive and the cactus those fast friends of a worthless soil at almost deserted the country” Mark Twain spoke of the same lands that the Palestinians fight for today. Where was this great Palestinian nation in 1867? The answer is it didn’t exist it was not there. Palestinians were not there. Palestine was a region name by the Romans but at the time was under control of Turkey and there was no large mass of people there because the land would not support a large group of people.